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Turn a Closet Into an Office Nook

Opening the space up by removing the obstructions of a door. Next, you need to take measurements of the office tools and supplies you often use that you would have to fit into the space. You can cut paper templates out or measure outer edges with a pencil just so that you have visual markers of where you need to be. All in all, it’s not that hard to turn a closet into an office.

  • For suggestions on attractive storage solutions, is a great resource.
  • Keep photos of your kids, family members, pets or whoever you want on the desktop, real or virtual.
  • For starters, if you turn a closet into an office, you’re utilizing your house space in the most efficient way possible.

Mosele’s clients asked for her help designing bars, bike rooms, nurseries, and even at-home saunas. And, to do these projects, they wanted her to transform their extra closets. Adding an accent to the back wall of a closet creates an interesting focal point that can help it not look like a closet. You could use vinyl wallpaper, an accent wall paint with painted stencil, wood shiplap, or even a thin peel-and-stick wood veneer. You could also try painting the back wall with chalkboard paint. Draw out a calendar or a to-do list, or just let your imagination wander.

Build a Desk that Folds Out

Take a look at some of the creative solutions below to craft a space that fits your needs. Include plenty of storage shelves, baskets, and bins on the walls, to closet to office conversion free up as much desktop area as possible. If you are an experienced builder or DIYer, you can build an entire desk and shelf system into your closet office.

convert closet to office

Table lamps work as desk lighting, and dressers for clothes and work accessories. If you had asked us this way back in 2018, a “cloffice” was the hybrid name for a clothes closet-office. You may find that you already have a kitchen chair or stool that fits well into your closet office. If it’s made of wood or metal, perhaps shop for a cushion to increase your comfort level when perched there for several hours. A cushioned, fabric cube is a clean and simple addition to a minimalist closet office.

Avoid clutter in a closet office

Custom shelving can be a game-changer in a cloffice, providing specific dimensions for your space and ensuring everything has its place. Open shelves offer easy access to frequently used items, while closed cabinets can hide away less attractive office supplies. For inspiration, Houzz offers tips and visual examples for small home offices. Before diving into the transformation of a closet into your new office, it’s essential to measure the space to ensure it can accommodate your needs. As suggested by Family Handyman, while a standard 7′ x 2′-deep closet may suffice, your particular closet might require custom solutions.

convert closet to office

You’ll be glad you did further on because it can take care of all of your office supplies storage issues. Go for devices that have multiple functions and they don’t always necessarily have to be in your office space unless you have a need for them, which isn’t always every day. See more related content about setting up a home office for remote work on this page. Here we’ve put together home office ideas that take advantage of all that closets have to offer for the permanent or occasional home worker to inspire you. To avoid the complexities of rewiring, wireless lighting options like puck lights offer a flexible and budget-friendly solution, as suggested by When converting a closet into a cloffice, it’s essential to adhere to building codes to guarantee the safety and legality of your renovation.

Backyard Office Sheds To View In One Place

She started by measuring the space, so she could find a small desk and chair that would fit perfectly into the nook. The most laborious part of the process was applying wallpaper around the space—Clark chose peel and stick, so it’ll come off easily when or if she wants to take it down. “It’s super easy but requires attention and patience,” she adds.