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LimeFX mt5

Each of the platforms, depending on your preferences, can be installed on your PC or smartphone. Choose and download the trading platform, which answers your purposes best. MetaTrader 4 classic limefx forex brokers reviews terminal is still an unquestionable leader among retail traders. It has all features and tools that are necessary for both beginners and experienced traders of the financial market.

Through their impressive development they have included almost all next generation facilities in one place. An “All in One” trading platform like the MT4 but it is more powerful than the MT4 trading platform. Thanks to the new MQL5 Integrated Development Environment, the programing language it includes has a high executions speed and helps to create trading systems with a large number of calculations. LimeFX is one of the best and fastest growing broker in online trading industry. They are renowned and trusted for their awesome customer service, user friendly platforms, wide range of products and services. LimeFX founded in 2009 but officially they are on service from 2010..

LimeFX mt5

For more comfortable trading, MetaTrader 5 platform has a new feature, “Depth of Market”. It shows the closest buy and sell orders for some particular trading instrument. “Depth of Market” offers an opportunity to perform transactions very quickly, which is very useful for scalpers, traders who trade intraday. MT 5 trading platform is very easy to install – all you have to do is to login to your Members Area at and download MetaTrader 5 setup file for your device, smartphone or desktop PC, for free. If you do not want to download MT5 on your PC, simply open the web version.

Download MetaTrader 5 to your mobile

This program is an updated and improved version of MetaTrader 4, a very famous terminal, which is extremely popular among traders. LimeFX demo accounts are different from real ones in that you don’t need to deposit any real money for trading on them. This is why using a demo account is one of the most powerful ways to test your trading strategies or EAs in real market conditions. This page presents the trading terminals available for trading on the financial markets.

To place a pending order, left-click one of the arrows with the required price in “Trade” section and choose the order type you need. MT5 is easy to download and install on your Windows system without the need of additional programs or utilities. MetaTrader 5 can also be installed on Linux or Mac OS, but you will need to use additional programs in these cases. It combines advanced technologies of order execution and distributed computations, thereby enabling you to implement your most ambitious trading ideas. The multi-asset MT5 platform offers you a hedging order accounting model, which allows you to open several positions in each instrument, including multidirectional ones. In the latest Ubuntu versions, a repository for installing Wine is already available without any additional settings, that’s why in order to install Wine, you have to run “Terminal” in the command line.

MetaTrader Market is a special platform for buying trading robots, indicators, and other applications with a high level of security. You can start using robots and indicators immediately after payment. Each Market product comes with a free demo version, so you can test them before buying.

LimeFX Bonus Programs

An account type with the best trading conditions available at the company. Using MetaTrader 5 web terminal from MetaQuotes, you can trade on any device directly from a browser. All you have to do to use the web version of MetaTrader 5 terminal is to have internet connection, a browser, and the password to your LimeFX trading account. When trading on LimeFX demo accounts, you can benefit from “Cashback (Rebates)” program, which allows you to get additional income. By receiving virtual rebates on demo accounts, you have an opportunity to assess all advantages of the program and calculate how much you may get with this program after switching to a real account.

  • Thanks to the new MQL5 Integrated Development Environment, the programing language it includes has a high executions speed and helps to create trading systems with a large number of calculations.
  • LimeFX provides for its clients best promotional offers on financial markets.
  • LimeFX is one of the best and fastest growing broker in online trading industry.
  • To open a demo account, choose “Open a demo account to trade virtual money without risks” and click “Next”.

The MT4 web terminal offers the same features and performance as the desktop version, and is still available in all languages supported by LimeFX websites. Manage your positions freely and easily from any place in the world. Orders allow for opening and closing positions, limiting losses, and taking profit. This account enables working through R StocksTrader platform with access to the largest global markets. Demo account parameters are similar to Prime accounts, which are intended for Professional traders.

Opening a demo account in MT5

If you want to acquire a new trading robot, an Expert Advisor, or an indicator, go to MetaTrader Market in MetaTrader 4 terminal and choose from hundreds of products presented there. All application have free demo versions in the Market, so they may be tested before you buy them. Moreover, some users allow to download and use their products absolutely for free. Replicates parameters and trading conditions of Pro accounts, the most popular account type at LimeFX. You can now invest using CopyFX via accounts opened in MT5, the trading terminal that is very popular with traders. A trading strategy comprises a set of rules that defines the necessary parameters for traders and investors to trade in financial markets.

LimeFX mt5

The authors of the articles or LimeFX company shall not be held liable for the results of the trades arising from relying upon trading recommendations and reviews contained herein. “Depth of Market” can be opened by right-clicking the instrument symbol or chart, and choose “Depth of Market”. In “Depth of Market” window, there are “Buy” and “Sell” buttons for opening orders at the current market price.

Use the MetaTrader 5 web terminal

By now, the issues with the news containing Unicode symbols have been discovered. After customizing all basic parameters, an advisor has to be installed on the chart by dragging it with a left-click from “Navigator” window onto the chart of the financial instrument. Then, you will see the window with this advisor’s settings, where you specify all required parameters for trading and click “OK”.

MT5 has several new useful features for more accurate and efficient trading. At the same time, MetaTrader 5 retained all key advantages of the previous version, such as availability, an intuitive and user-friendly interface, multiple languages, and automated trading. Before investing in financial markets, please be aware that forex trading carries a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all of your investment. This fact should be taken into consideration by any trader who is planning to make profits by trading. It is not recommended to trade with capital which one cannot afford to lose. It is intended for performing trading operations on different financial markets.

MetaTrader Market

You can also set Stop Loss (limits losses) and Take Profit (closes with profit) levels at once. This account type is ideal for testing strategies and EAs, and smooth transitioning from a demo account to real trading. It provides access to a wide range of instruments on the MT4 and MT5 platforms. It combines the highest order execution speed with competitive trading conditions. An account type for testing strategies and EAs, as well as smooth transitioning from a demo account to real trading. The choice of experienced traders, which combines the highest order execution speed and competitive trading conditions.

Therefore, we made additional efforts to protect our liabilities to Clients through the Civil Liability Insurance Policy for brokerage companies up to 2,500,000 EUR. This program includes market-leading insurance coverage in case of risks that may lead to financial losses of clients (such as fraud, omissions, negligence, errors, and others). Summing up, it may be said that MetaTrader 5 trading platform is a worthy successor to MetaTrader 4 terminal.