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Family Planning Advice

Family arranging guidance enables folks to select the form of contraception that best suits their needs and is ideal for their situation. They can now decide whether or not they desire children in the future and how many. When they are available to have a child, it is also crucial to assist them in planning a safe and healthy conception. Family preparing counseling has the goal of making sure that women and men have accurate, up-to-date information about the various techniques available and how to use them effectively. Women who receive this kind of counseling are more likely to remain happy with the outcome of their treatment, particularly when it comes to soon maternity, after giving birth, or after having abortions

A crucial part of sexual and reproductive health service is providing powerful family planning counseling. It helps to reduce unintended pregnancies, unsafe abortions and maternal/neonatal deaths. It is crucial for a variety of clientele, including girls with Hiv who may be more at risk from sexually transmitted infections, young married couples who are putting off childbearing while pursuing careers, and childless adolescents.

A number of different models can be used to counsel on family planning, including the Gather model ( Greet clients, Ask about their situation and needs, Tell them about the methods and options, Help them to choose, Explain how to use a method, and Return ) and the Redi model ( Reporting, Exploration, Decision- making, Implementation ). The vital components of these approaches are described in this article.